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Chicken chilly

  The chicken chilly is a taste of Chinese food, it is mainly followed a recipe by Indian region most and most of the peoples like to eat as a side dish and snacks.

sweet potato in oven

sweet potato in the oven

Tempura Shrimp ( Tempura batter with cornstarch )

Tempura batter with cornstarch, Quantity Ingredients1/2 – cup Rice wine1/4 – teaspoon salt1/4 – pound fresh shrimps, Peeled devine2- quarter oil for deep

Yakitori chicken (recipe for yakitori chicken)

Recipe for yakitori chicken Quantity        Ingredients 10 – wooden skewers 4 – skinless chicken thighs, cut into 1-inch small cubes 4 – scallions, sliced 1-inch pieces ½ – cup sake ½ – cup soy sauce 3 – tablespoons mirin 2 – tablespoons white sugar 1 – teaspoon vegetable oil, or to taste